1. Epistemic Analysis of Interrogative Domains using Cuboids

    (Presented in CISSE 2008)   

  1. Cameron Hughes, Ctest Laboratories

  2. Tracey Hughes, Ctest Laboratories


We are interested in analyzing the propositional knowledge extracted by an epistemic agent from interrogative domains. The interrogative domains that have our current focus are taken from transcripts of legal trials, congressional hearings, or law enforcement interrogations. These transcripts have be encoded in XML or HTML formats. The agent uses these transcripts as a primary knowledge source. The complexity, size, scope and potentially conflicting nature of transcripts from interrogative domains bring into question the quality of propositional knowledge that can be garnered by the agent. Epistemic Cuboids or Cubes are used as a knowledge analysis technique that helps determine the quality and quantity of any propositional knowledge extracted by an epistemic agent from an interrogative domain. In this paper we explore how Epistemic Cubes can be used to evaluate the nature of the an agent's propositional knowledge.