I am software/knowledge engineer.  I have been intimately involved with the design, building, and deployment of all kinds of software systems from the amazingly simple to the surprisingly complex.

The project I'm currently involved in focuses on AIM (Alternative Intelligence for Machines) & AIR (Alternative Intelligence for Robots). I am a AIM/AIR researcher at Ctest Laboratories and a Software Epistemologist at Advanced Software Construction (ASC).  I am a Senior ACM fellow, and a member of the Board of Directors for the National Robotics Education Foundation (NREF). I'm always looking for to the next interesting project.

AIM (Alternative Intelligence Machines)

AIR (Alternative Intelligence for Robots)

My Current Projects

  1. Video Games: Virtua Fighter, Mass Effect,

   and  Armored Core

My Vices

  1. Mox 8

  2. MM 8

  3. P80

My Keyboards