1. Transcript Mining using Epistemic Agents and Interrogative Entailment

    (Presented in Intelligent Computing and Intelligent Systems, ICIS 2009. IEEE International Conference on (Volume:1 )   

  1. Cameron Hughes, Ctest Laboratories

  2. Tracey Hughes, Ctest Laboratories


Our current work is directed toward the mining and analysis of interrogative transcripts stored in digital form. In

particular, we are interested in excavating the propositions and assertions that are implicit or entailed within the discourse of trial transcripts, law enforcement interrogations, congressional and other types of legal hearings. We are investigating the use of epistemic agents to mine and then perform epistemological analysis that can be used as the basis for understanding the consistency, validity, and soundness of the transcript as a whole. We use interrogative entailment as a mining process to qualify the credential of the transcript. In this paper, we describe the structure of our epistemic agents and the transcript mining process used to excavate statements that are entailed and inferred in the content of transcripts.